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authorThomas Renninger <trenn@suse.de>2013-07-03 14:48:39 +0200
committerRafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki@intel.com>2013-07-15 13:57:00 +0200
commit8b5301c5ff2568236c6e3b3d0c93a3e4194ec3f5 (patch)
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platform / thinkpad: Remove deprecated hotkey_report_mode parameter
It is somewhat strange that the default value to support the depracated interface is set (1). Anyway this has existed for years. The previous patch already removed the functionality to still export events through /proc. Now this param is useless and should vanish too. Signed-off-by: Thomas Renninger <trenn@suse.de> Acked-by: Matthew Garrett <matthew.garrett@nebula.com> Acked-by: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@hmh.eng.br> Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki@intel.com>
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diff --git a/Documentation/laptops/thinkpad-acpi.txt b/Documentation/laptops/thinkpad-acpi.txt
index cf7bc6cb9719..86c52360ffe7 100644
--- a/Documentation/laptops/thinkpad-acpi.txt
+++ b/Documentation/laptops/thinkpad-acpi.txt
@@ -329,20 +329,6 @@ sysfs notes:
This attribute has poll()/select() support.
- hotkey_report_mode:
- Returns the state of the procfs ACPI event report mode
- filter for hot keys. If it is set to 1 (the default),
- all hot key presses are reported both through the input
- layer and also as ACPI events through procfs (but not
- through netlink). If it is set to 2, hot key presses
- are reported only through the input layer.
- This attribute is read-only in kernels 2.6.23 or later,
- and read-write on earlier kernels.
- May return -EPERM (write access locked out by module
- parameter) or -EACCES (read-only).
Set to 1 if the system is waking up because the user
requested a bay ejection. Set to 2 if the system is
@@ -518,24 +504,21 @@ SW_TABLET_MODE Tablet ThinkPads HKEY events 0x5009 and 0x500A
Non hotkey ACPI HKEY event map:
-Events that are not propagated by the driver, except for legacy
-compatibility purposes when hotkey_report_mode is set to 1:
-0x5001 Lid closed
-0x5002 Lid opened
-0x5009 Tablet swivel: switched to tablet mode
-0x500A Tablet swivel: switched to normal mode
-0x7000 Radio Switch may have changed state
Events that are never propagated by the driver:
0x2304 System is waking up from suspend to undock
0x2305 System is waking up from suspend to eject bay
0x2404 System is waking up from hibernation to undock
0x2405 System is waking up from hibernation to eject bay
+0x5001 Lid closed
+0x5002 Lid opened
+0x5009 Tablet swivel: switched to tablet mode
+0x500A Tablet swivel: switched to normal mode
0x5010 Brightness level changed/control event
0x6000 KEYBOARD: Numlock key pressed
0x6005 KEYBOARD: Fn key pressed (TO BE VERIFIED)
+0x7000 Radio Switch may have changed state
Events that are propagated by the driver to userspace:
@@ -574,50 +557,6 @@ operating system is to force either an immediate suspend or hibernate
cycle, or a system shutdown. Obviously, something is very wrong if this
-Compatibility notes:
-ibm-acpi and thinkpad-acpi 0.15 (mainline kernels before 2.6.23) never
-supported the input layer, and sent events over the procfs ACPI event
-To avoid sending duplicate events over the input layer and the ACPI
-event interface, thinkpad-acpi 0.16 implements a module parameter
-(hotkey_report_mode), and also a sysfs device attribute with the same
-Make no mistake here: userspace is expected to switch to using the input
-layer interface of thinkpad-acpi, together with the ACPI netlink event
-interface in kernels 2.6.23 and later, or with the ACPI procfs event
-interface in kernels 2.6.22 and earlier.
-If no hotkey_report_mode module parameter is specified (or it is set to
-zero), the driver defaults to mode 1 (see below), and on kernels 2.6.22
-and earlier, also allows one to change the hotkey_report_mode through
-sysfs. In kernels 2.6.23 and later, where the netlink ACPI event
-interface is available, hotkey_report_mode cannot be changed through
-sysfs (it is read-only).
-If the hotkey_report_mode module parameter is set to 1 or 2, it cannot
-be changed later through sysfs (any writes will return -EPERM to signal
-that hotkey_report_mode was locked. On 2.6.23 and later, where
-hotkey_report_mode cannot be changed at all, writes will return -EACCES).
-hotkey_report_mode set to 1 makes the driver export through the procfs
-ACPI event interface all hot key presses (which are *also* sent to the
-input layer). This is a legacy compatibility behaviour, and it is also
-the default mode of operation for the driver.
-hotkey_report_mode set to 2 makes the driver filter out the hot key
-presses from the procfs ACPI event interface, so these events will only
-be sent through the input layer. Userspace that has been updated to use
-the thinkpad-acpi input layer interface should set hotkey_report_mode to
-Hot key press events are never sent to the ACPI netlink event interface.
-Really up-to-date userspace under kernel 2.6.23 and later is to use the
-netlink interface and the input layer interface, and don't bother at all
-with hotkey_report_mode.
Brightness hotkey notes:

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