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@@ -131,17 +131,6 @@ When mounting an XFS filesystem, the following options are accepted.
Don't check for double mounted file systems using the file system uuid.
This is useful to mount LVM snapshot volumes.
- osyncisosync
- Make O_SYNC writes implement true O_SYNC. WITHOUT this option,
- Linux XFS behaves as if an "osyncisdsync" option is used,
- which will make writes to files opened with the O_SYNC flag set
- behave as if the O_DSYNC flag had been used instead.
- This can result in better performance without compromising
- data safety.
- However if this option is not in effect, timestamp updates from
- O_SYNC writes can be lost if the system crashes.
- If timestamp updates are critical, use the osyncisosync option.
User disk quota accounting enabled, and limits (optionally)
enforced. Refer to xfs_quota(8) for further details.

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