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@@ -88,15 +88,8 @@ hwtimeraw is the original hardware time stamp. Filled in if
SOF_TIMESTAMPING_RAW_HARDWARE is set. No assumptions about its
relation to system time should be made.
-hwtimetrans is the hardware time stamp transformed so that it
-corresponds as good as possible to system time. This correlation is
-not perfect; as a consequence, sorting packets received via different
-NICs by their hwtimetrans may differ from the order in which they were
-received. hwtimetrans may be non-monotonic even for the same NIC.
-Filled in if SOF_TIMESTAMPING_SYS_HARDWARE is set. Requires support
-by the network device and will be empty without that support. This
-field is DEPRECATED. Only one driver computes this value. New device
-drivers must leave this zero. Instead, they can expose the hardware
+hwtimetrans is always zero. This field is deprecated. It used to hold
+hw timestamps converted to system time. Instead, expose the hardware
clock device on the NIC directly as a HW PTP clock source, to allow
time conversion in userspace and optionally synchronize system time
with a userspace PTP stack such as linuxptp. For the PTP clock API,
@@ -191,7 +184,6 @@ struct skb_shared_hwtstamps {
* since arbitrary point in time
ktime_t hwtstamp;
- ktime_t syststamp; /* hwtstamp transformed to system time base */
Time stamps for outgoing packets are to be generated as follows:

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