BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fwnode-linearipu3-cio2: Parse information from firmware without using callbacksSakari Ailus4 months
masterstaging: media: fix style problemAliasgar Surti4 months
vb2-fixvideobuf2-core.h: Document the alloc memop size argument as page alignedSakari Ailus5 months
acpi-printkscripts/checkpatch.pl: Process spurious closing braces gracefullySakari Ailus7 months
partial-registrationv4l: event: Split the event framework into generic and V4L2 bitsSakari Ailus8 months
media-refchangesSakari Ailus9 months
ipu3media: staging: intel-ipu3: fix unsigned comparison with < 0Colin Ian King9 months
ipu3-v8-2ipu3-imgu: Fix compiler warningsSakari Ailus10 months
testmedia: V3s: Add support for Allwinner CSI.Yong Deng11 months
for-4.21-2media: ov8856: Add support for OV8856 sensorBen Kao11 months
for-5.5-1-signedcommit dc18c70466...Sakari Ailus2 weeks
for-5.4-9-signedcommit f3b01a6e3c...Sakari Ailus6 weeks
for-5.4-8-signedcommit 3b4dd9dd5d...Sakari Ailus7 weeks
for-5.4-7-signedcommit 494630237a...Sakari Ailus8 weeks
for-5.4-6-signedcommit 852a51507a...Sakari Ailus2 months
for-5.4-4-signedcommit 91a393dd12...Sakari Ailus2 months
for-5.4-3-signedcommit d0de3d651c...Sakari Ailus3 months
for-5.4-2-signedcommit 7e9afcd1b7...Sakari Ailus3 months
for-5.4-1-signedcommit 6fecb4f266...Sakari Ailus3 months
for-5.4-5-signedcommit 8245b0f59f...Sakari Ailus4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-06-22staging: media: fix style problemHEADfor-5.3-4-signedmasterAliasgar Surti1-2/+4
2019-06-22media: marvell-ccic: mmp: don't chicken out w/o pdataLubomir Rintel1-3/+0
2019-06-22media: marvell-ccic: only calculate the DPHY registers when neededLubomir Rintel1-7/+2
2019-06-22media: st-mipid02: add support of JPEGHugues Fruchet1-5/+13
2019-06-22media: st-mipid02: add support of YUYV8 and UYVY8Hugues Fruchet1-0/+5
2019-06-22media: st-mipid02: add support of RGB565Hugues Fruchet1-1/+7
2019-06-22media: st-mipid02: add support of V4L2_CID_LINK_FREQHugues Fruchet1-3/+26
2019-06-22marvell-ccic: provide a clock for the sensorLubomir Rintel6-183/+157
2019-06-22marvell-ccic: use async notifier to get the sensorLubomir Rintel5-77/+162
2019-06-22marvell-ccic/mmp: add devicetree supportLubomir Rintel1-9/+27

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