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authorSage Weil <sage@newdream.net>2009-10-06 18:31:14 (GMT)
committerSage Weil <sage@newdream.net>2009-10-06 18:31:14 (GMT)
commit8f4e91dee2a245e4be6942f4a8d83a769e13a47d (patch)
tree6bbb4ea1a42186a0d371dd5c1a1fd03e55f39dbf /Documentation/ioctl
parenta8e63b7d51cce4557ee7bcd8f51be5cae8547d20 (diff)
ceph: ioctls
A few Ceph ioctls for getting and setting file layout (striping) parameters, and learning the identity and network address of the OSD a given region of a file is stored on. Signed-off-by: Sage Weil <sage@newdream.net>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt b/Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt
index 9473749..91cfdd7 100644
--- a/Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt
+++ b/Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt
@@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ Code Seq# Include File Comments
0x90 00 drivers/cdrom/sbpcd.h
0x93 60-7F linux/auto_fs.h
+0x97 00-7F fs/ceph/ioctl.h Ceph file system
0x99 00-0F 537-Addinboard driver
0xA0 all linux/sdp/sdp.h Industrial Device Project

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