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This tests the locking primitive's ability to
transition abruptly to and from idle.
- locktorture.torture_runnable= [BOOT]
- Start locktorture running at boot time.
locktorture.torture_type= [KNL]
Specify the locking implementation to test.
@@ -3459,9 +3456,6 @@
the same as for rcuperf.nreaders.
N, where N is the number of CPUs
- rcuperf.perf_runnable= [BOOT]
- Start rcuperf running at boot time.
rcuperf.perf_type= [KNL]
Specify the RCU implementation to test.
@@ -3595,9 +3589,6 @@
Test RCU's dyntick-idle handling. See also the
rcutorture.shuffle_interval parameter.
- rcutorture.torture_runnable= [BOOT]
- Start rcutorture running at boot time.
rcutorture.torture_type= [KNL]
Specify the RCU implementation to test.

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