BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
venus-for-next-v5.16-part2media: venus: core: Add sdm660 DT compatible and resource structAngeloGioacchino Del Regno7 days
mastermedia: remove myself from dvb media maintainersSean Young3 weeks
venus-for-next-v5.16media: venus: Set buffer to FW based on FW min count requirement.Dikshita Agarwal3 weeks
fixesmedia: atomisp: restore missing 'return' statementArnd Bergmann3 weeks
venus-for-next-v5.15venus: venc: add support for V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDEO_H264_8X8_TRANSFORM controlMansur Alisha Shaik3 months
venus-for-next-v5.14-part2media: venus: hfi_msgs.h: Replace one-element arrays with flexible-array membersGustavo A. R. Silva5 months
venus-for-next-v5.14media: venus: helpers: Delete an unneeded bool conversionZhen Lei5 months
venus-for-next-v5.13-part4venus : hfi: add venus image info into smemDikshita Agarwal7 months
venus-for-next-v5.13-part3media: venus: vdec: Fix decoder cmd STOP issueStanimir Varbanov7 months
venus-for-next-v5.13-part2venus: venc: Add support for CLL and Mastering display controlsStanimir Varbanov7 months
venus-for-next-v5.13-v2venus: core: Parse firmware-name DT propertyStanimir Varbanov8 months
venus-msm8916-fixesvenus: hfi_cmds: Support plane-actual-info property from v1Stanimir Varbanov8 months
venus-for-next-v5.13venus: core: Parse firmware-name DT propertyStanimir Varbanov8 months
venus-for-next-v5.12-part2venus: venc: set IDR period to FW only for H264 & HEVCDikshita Agarwal9 months
venus-for-next-v5.12venus: helpers: Wire up hfi platform buffer requirementsStanimir Varbanov10 months
venus-fixes-for-v5.11venus: core: Fix platform driver shutdownStanimir Varbanov10 months
venus-for-next-v5.11venus: core: add shutdown callback for venusMansur Alisha Shaik12 months
venus-fixes-for-v5.10venus: pm_helpers: Fix kernel module reloadStanimir Varbanov12 months
venus-for-next-v5.10-part3dt-bindings: media: venus: Add an optional power domain for perf votingRajendra Nayak13 months
venus-for-next-v5.10-part2venus: firmware: Set virtual address rangesStanimir Varbanov14 months
venus-for-next-v5.10venus: Make debug infrastructure more flexibleStanimir Varbanov14 months
venus-for-next-v5.9-part2media: venus: core: Add support for opp tables/perf votingRajendra Nayak15 months
venus-for-next-v5.9media: venus: venc: Fix runtime PM imbalance in venc_openDinghao Liu16 months
venus-for-next-v5.8-part2venus: venc,vdec: Return EBUSY on S_FMT while streamingStanimir Varbanov18 months
venus-for-next-v5.8venus: core: remove CNOC voting while device suspendMansur Alisha Shaik19 months
venus-for-next2-v2venus: support frame rate controlJeffrey Kardatzke20 months
venus-fixesvenus: firmware: Ignore secure call error on first resumeStanimir Varbanov20 months
venus-for-next2venus: support frame rate controlJeffrey Kardatzke20 months
venus-for-nextdt-bindings: media: venus: Add sc7180 DT schemaDikshita Agarwal20 months
ipu3media: staging/ipu3-imgu: Add MAINTAINERS entrySakari Ailus3 years
request_apiv4l2-controls: add a missing includeMauro Carvalho Chehab3 years

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