BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercec-compliance: options -n and -N were swapped in --helpHans Verkuil13 days
stable-1.20keytable: Fix missing inclusion of argp.hIsmael Luceno3 months
stable-1.18keytable: "-p all" should not attempt BPF decodes that don't existSean Young5 months
carrierir-ctl: allow unmodulated signal to be sentSean Young5 months
64bit-scancodeskeytable: a bpf protocol can have parameters and no scancodesSean Young9 months
stable-1.16Prepare for 1.16.8 releaseGregor Jasny9 months
cond-bpf50-rc_keymap.conf prevents debian testing from bootingSean Young12 months
stable-1.14Prepare for 1.14.5 releaseGregor Jasny14 months
mode2ir-ctl: support raw format by defaultSean Young14 months
keymapfixesSean Young14 months
v4l-utils-1.20.0commit 3b22ab02b9...Gregor Jasny5 months
v4l-utils-1.18.1commit 4034820869...Gregor Jasny6 months
v4l-utils-1.16.8commit 087d715d73...Gregor Jasny9 months
v4l-utils-1.18.0commit c155c023ad...Gregor Jasny13 months
v4l-utils-1.16.7commit 9722ba8533...Gregor Jasny14 months
v4l-utils-1.14.5commit 8f16c3ee92...Gregor Jasny14 months
v4l-utils-1.12.8commit 81faca10bd...Gregor Jasny18 months
v4l-utils-1.14.4commit 43556a3ad1...Gregor Jasny18 months
v4l-utils-1.16.6commit c42be9071b...Gregor Jasny18 months
v4l-utils-1.16.5commit 0a9c80b23d...Gregor Jasny19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 dayscec-compliance: options -n and -N were swapped in --helpHEADmasterHans Verkuil1-2/+2
2020-10-05README: Update build requirements for debianSebastian Fricke1-4/+3
2020-10-04v4l-compliance: remove NON_CONSISTENT hint testSergey Senozhatsky5-69/+13
2020-10-03media-ctl: fix compiler warningsHans Verkuil1-1/+1
2020-10-03cppcheck: use const referencesRosen Penev1-2/+2
2020-10-03cppcheck: turn several references to constRosen Penev6-19/+19
2020-09-28libcecutil: make license consistentHans Verkuil9-8/+9
2020-09-26v4l2-ctl: subdev: Add the flags to the list of supported mbus formatsDafna Hirschfeld3-2/+31
2020-09-26v4l2-ctl: subdev: Add support for the CSC API in the subdevicesDafna Hirschfeld1-4/+12
2020-09-26v4l2: common: add the flags V4L2_FMT_FLAG_CSC* to the list that maps flags to...Dafna Hirschfeld3-14/+32

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